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Birthdate:Oct 2
I'm a thirtysomething polyamorous queer woman with geek tendencies. I like to think I'm in touch with my playful inner child, and try not to take myself too seriously. In my life and loves, I'm a kinky tranny dyke with occasional leanings towards what might be termed "hard femme", but for the most part I'm comfortable with a kind of understated queer femme-leaning androgyny.

Married to a a wonderful woman, the_local_echo and living in Cambridge with her, our girlfriend, zoeimogen, and our pet snakes. I used to work in IT/microelectronics, but have since moved on to pastures anew and am currently occupying myself with voluntary work mixed with a sprinkling of trans-activism and being a somewhat lazy housewife.

This journal was initially created to document my transition, but has since evolved into a more general, if less prolific journal, but with a focus on trans-issues. If you want to friend me, please feel free, but don't be offended if I don't immediately friend you back - I'm not one of those LJers who keeps a strictly symmetric friends list. If you want to read any of my filtered posts, let me know and I'll add you to the list, although pretty much all my non-kink related posts are public.
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